Sherlock - Quality Investigations is an investigation firm licensed by the Ministry of Justice and headed by Mr. Michael (Moka) Kriger, a former intelligence specialist in the Israeli Defense Forces with over 34 years of experience in the field of private investigations, prevention of industrial espionage and gathering of financial information.
The company's main office is located in Ramat-Gan, with additional branches in the north and south of Israel. We employ a team of well-trained, professional investigators and conduct complex investigations in Israel and abroad.
Members of WAD (World Association of Detectives) and ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security).
Main Fields of Expertise 
Financial Investigations
tracing properties and assets for debt collection, real estate investigations, collecting financial information about companies and individuals.
Business Intelligence
gathering information about rival companies, clients, suppliers and more, as well as securing information and preventing its leakage to competitors.
protecting company's copyrights, patents and trademarks.
Reliability Tests 
conducting background checks for job applicants and employees.
Polygraph Testing 
performing polygraph testing by professional polygraph examiners using advanced testing equipment. Testing can be performed in a wide range of languages.
Private Investigations 
gathering personal information, preparing divorce cases with surveillance reports, photos and audio/video recordings, and more. In addition, the company offers consulting and performs special investigations by demand.
Enforcement Department
filing and managing enforcement claims under the close supervision of a lawyer, personal deliveries of enforcement orders in Israel and abroad, debt collection.
Additional services:
  • Verification of economic information prior to the signing of important deals
  • Gathering information concerning key people in competing companies
  • Preventing computer hacking and providing security solutions for software and hardware
  • Locating technology owners
Sherlock Investigations uses advanced audio and video equipment to simplify its work and improve results.
Video Systems: 
Covert Cameras
installing wireless covert cameras for the prevention of burglary in businesses and high-tech companies.
Video Cameras
installing visible video cameras (wired/wireless) for internal and external protection of factories and businesses.
Remote Control Systems
installing video systems transmitting images through phone lines, as well as remote controlling and monitoring of computerized video systems.
the company sells and rents out advanced covert and visible video equipment, installed by our well-trained, professional staff.
Audio Systems: 
Phone Tapping
we own sophisticated bug-detection equipment to find hidden transmitters in your house and business.
Prevention devices
we have a wide variety of bug-prevention devices for phone lines and radio waves.
the company sells/rents out the most advanced audio equipment for various purposes.
Contact us and we'll be delighted to meet with you at your convenience and provide you with detailed information about our company.
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